I appreciate your support!


It is an honour and extremely humbling to be elected to represent Ward 1 residents at the Council table. 

To the residents, thank you for taking the time to vote. Exercising your rights is important, and I appreciate everyone that had the patience to work through the new online voting.
I would also like to thank all the candidates that put their name forward in the 2018 election. It takes courage to put your name on a ballot and I believe everyone worked hard to put their vision forward for our Town.
I commit to continue to work hard for you. I will remain always available to listen and address the concerns of everyone that contacts me in the best manner possible.
I know there is more to do. Now comes the work, taking all the great ideas and the concerns we’ve been hearing at the doors and working together to put them into action.
I look forward to once again work with the residents of Ward 1, all of Bradford West Gwillimbury and my fellow Councillors.