Tony Van Bynen- Mayor Of Newmaket

It’s been a genuine pleasure to work with Raj on a number of projects including the 400 & 404 Link. Raj is a sincere dedicated individual who works hard to help make his community even better. He understands the importance of listening and making sure things go forward once a plan has been agreed on.

Riz Sunny- Ward 1 Resident and Successful Business Owner

 My Name is Riz , I am a personal trainer and a sports nutritionist. I am the host of Canada's most watched and followed fitness channel on YouTUBE (My Bollywood Body) with over 2 MILLION Subscriber base on social media. I own and operate a gym and host 2 weekly radio shows in Toronto. I also operate my own supplement line as well as I am a CEO of a marketing company.

I have been a resident of Ward 1 in Bradford for the past 7 years. Raj Sandhu who is our local

councillor and a gem of a person is the 1st politician I ever voted for in any municipal elections.
Despite Raj's busy schedule, he always finds time to listen to the needs of ward residents.

I am voting for RAJ this year, Are You? Vote for Raj, for better today and even better tomorrow!"

Danny Viveiros- Ward 1 Resident and HR Director at Magna Closures Group


Raj Sandhu a man of his word.  He works for the community and gets the job done.  He works full time and is always ready and willing to support the town of BWG.  He puts his residents first and foremost looks after the best interests of the taxpayers. He lives in this beautiful town and gives

back to the town as we do as taxpayers. Entrust your vote in Raj Sandhu always present not just in time for elections 

I Danny Viveiros support Raj Sandhu for his integrity, compliance of doing the right thing every time.  Our tax money is his tax money and he runs the town as if it was his own business.  A man of his word!

Raymond Paz- Ward 1 Resident


I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming elections. Your honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs, and your willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets you far apart from the other candidates expected techniques and talk.

So I’m writing today to express my support for your campaign and my intention both to vote for you in the upcoming elections and spread word to others of the value of your policies and abilities I’m hoping for your success.

Daniel Iacob- Ward 1 Resident


I've had the pleasure of knowing Raj for 7 years now and I can honestly only say I've only had nothing but positive experiences. Raj is always open and honest and will make himself available on any day at anytime. He is deeply involved in all community events and puts his community first. I continue to applaud Raj for his continuous work and efforts!

Thank you Raj for all your hard work, efforts, and passion for our growing community

Sarbie Singh- Ward 1 Resident and Local Business Owner

I am a proud long term resident of ward 1 in our wonderful town and run a successful business here in BWG. I am involved in our community as a volunteer in various organizations. As a past candidate in 2014 municipal election I am fully aware how much time commitment is required to serve as a councillor.
Raj Sandhu has been doing an excellent job as our ward representative for the past two terms and gives countless hours back to the community. He is always available to the residents.

I am proud to support Raj for re-election for Ward 1 councillor and encourage all residents to vote for Raj to continue having a strong voice in council.

Charlie Hurley- Ward 1 Resident


Raj has been a terrific representative for us in Bradford since the first day he was elected!  He is a true man of his word, and does everything in his power to make your experience in Bradford a good one! 

He has my full support for this upcoming re-election!  I have faith that he will continue to do the great work that he has done for years!  Re-elect Raj Sandhu!

Antonio Garcia- Ward 1 Business Owner

 Raj, this note is to personally thank you for your hard work in ward 1. You were there for me in a very timely manner, and even on a time, I did not expect you to return my call and respond in such a responsible manner. Thank you for being there, you have my support on election day 

Tina Sibbald- 27 Yr Resident of BWG, Local Realtor & founding member of the Bradford Board of Trade

I have known Raj for 15 years. He is a man of character and unquestioned integrity. His commitment to his family, friends and constituents is unwavering and he can be counted on to honour his word.
In all of my interactions with Raj, both personal and professional, I never doubt his strong work ethic or dependability. More important than any of this, however, is the fact that I can call Raj Sandhu a most trusted friend.

Mrs. Janette Andrade - Ward 1 Resident

Raj Sandhu has been our councillor for the past 8 years. I served with Raj on the Bradford Soccer board. Raj is very passionate and committed to the people in our Town and always has our best interest in mind when making decisions. Raj is a councillor that we will stand behind.