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“I am humbled by the support from residents and businesses across all wards of Bradford West Gwillimbury. As Deputy Mayor, I will work hard to ensure residents feel empowered to contribute and have their voices heard and input valued.”

Raj Sandhu (Deputy Mayor Candidate)

We want to show our support to our local councillor Raj Sandhu in his bid to become the next Deputy Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury. He has been our representative for quite a few years now in his role as our councillor and is always there to help. Raj has helped many of our street residents with bylaw issues, waste issues, assisting fire victims, to assuring a memorial was arranged for a young life lost. Raj gives all he has to ensure that our residents get what we need make this town a wonderful place to live. He is a gentleman who cares for those around him and we are lucky and honoured to have him represent us. In all of my MANY adult years I have strayed away from politics and over the years I've only allowed one person to have their sign on my lawn. That would be Raj Sandhu. I can't think of anyone more perfect for the role of Deputy Mayor. BWG needs him. Good luck on your campaign, we need people like you on our side!


I know Raj Sandhu as a friend, co-worker and councillor. He is honest and pragmatic. He has hopeful insight into our community's problems and needs. His willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns sets him apart from other candidates rehearsed political techniques and promises. I am writing today to express my support for his campaign as a Deputy Mayor of Bradford and my intention to vote for him in the upcoming elections and also to spread the word so others will be aware of the value his policies and him personally add to the office. I am hoping for his success in this upcoming election.


I’ve known Raj Sandhu for 27 years or so, as a co-worker and a friend. Today I’m writing this to show my support to Raj as candidate to deputy mayor in the next election He is a man of his word and the work he has done as councillor is proof of the dedication and commitment to the Bradford community Because of his integrity and his efforts to improve our town I really think Raj is the right person for the position. Vote for Raj Sandhu for Deputy Mayor.


I have known Raj Sandhu for over twenty two years and strongly believe he will make an excellent Deputy Mayor. With all the wonderful work you have done as a Councillor for span of  years, all the positions of responsibility within the Town, you deserve to be given the chance . You are always a call away if we need help with any municipal issues or concerns. You are so generous , You have a heart of hold . We all would be honoured to turn out and vote for you and hope all others will join with us . Good luck with the campaign and it gives me great pleasure to support your candidature 🙏 Best wishes on your candidacy My brother.

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